25 essential exercises to enhance your well-being

Get the most out of your adjustable weights with our specialized exercise manual. It will guide you through routines of different levels that willl increase your endurance, strength, and muscle definition. Gain valuable advice and achieve all your training goals.

Maximize your physical results

Increase your strength

25 exercises to work different areas of the body and strengthen both upper and lower body.

Prepare your muscles

Warm-up techniques to prevent injuries and control breathing during practice.

Detailed visual guide

+30 illustrations with step-by-step instructions for the proper execution of each exercise.

Who is this guide for?

Individuals interested in increasing their strength, endurance, and defining their muscles with specific exercises.
Crossfit enthusiasts and fitness enthusiasts looking to get greater benefits from their training.
Those who want to enhance their sports experience with pre-practice stretching techniques.

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